The Quarles Art Gallery showcases many styles of paintings, including vivid and evocative landscape art.

Art Gallery | Quarles Art Gallery | Benson, AZ | (520) 686-2752
The Quarles Art Gallery is a preeminent art gallery in Benson, AZ. We showcase and sell a plethora of one-of-a-kind artistic creations. We give our customers the chance to...
Southwest Art | Quarles Art Gallery | Benson, AZ | (520) 686-2752
Beautiful art is often tied to a specific region of the world. Here at Quarles Art Gallery, we believe that there are few parts of the world as beautiful as the haunting landscape of...
Landscape Art | Quarles Art Gallery | Benson, AZ | (520) 686-2752
To capture the feel of a landscape you need to become a part of it. Here at Quarles Art Gallery, long based in the American Southwest, we have an intimate...

The Quarles Art Gallery also contains a working studio, where we are eager to take on commissions!

Welcome to Quarles Art Gallery

The Quarles Art Gallery has been owned and operated by artists in the Benson, AZ area for years. We offer a friendly, inviting space for local artists to showcase and sell their art. Our artists specialize in many different kinds of artworks, ranging from portraits to wildlife art.

All our art is tied together by the fact that it captures the unique essence of the American Southwest. The Southwest is a place of raw, untamed beauty. We sell the works of artists who are committed to capturing that beauty through their art. The Quarles Art Gallery also displays art that captures the human aspects of our landscape, such as trains and the cities of Arizona.

Here at the Quarles Art Gallery, we sell all kinds of art. Whether you are looking for pastel drawings, photography, paintings, or drawings on acrylic and graphite, we are the art gallery for you. We even offer a class each season that explores a different medium!

At the Quarles Art Gallery we care about our craft. We have a working studio on site, and we are proud to do commissions for interested customers. If you have a unique vision, come to us! We will find a way to immortalize it for you on the canvas. We guarantee that you will be proud to take our paintings home to put on display.

The Quarles Art Gallery is the ideal place for art lovers. We showcase only the highest-quality art for your consideration. Schedule a visit with us today to learn more about the beautiful art we have here for you!